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Dear Internet Friends:
Hello! How are you! My name is Yuen Wai Kit. I was Hong Kong Wing Chun and Hong Kong Search Engine Webmaster.
I have three homepage on the internet.

Yuen Yim Keung Wing Chun Homepage: (My father homepage.)

Hong Kong Search Engine: (Chinese Search Engine.)

Hong Kong Bruce Lee Photos Shop: (New Internet Design.)

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Subject: To start your business on Internet.

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Unit price for each photo is US$15.

You save upto US$115 from the regular price.

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The regular price for Bruce Lee Photo is US$20 each.

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Product specification:
This website sell all memorable, limmited, collectable Bruce Lee's Photos.
All sizes are 210 x 297mm (A4 Size) photo.
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We only sell copyright protected Bruce Lee's product.
We believe these prices are reasonable and acceptable by Bruce's Fans.
Your major customers are Bruce Lee Movie Fans and friends.
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Thanks again for reading all this letter. Good Luck!

Please come here enjoy the new websites. now! Thank you!

Hong Kong Bruce Lee 'S Photos Shop

A website which dedicated to Bruce Lee and distributing
Bruce Lee's Photos,The website contains with plenty of
memorable Bruce Lee's Photograph,Bruce Lee's history and
his introduction to Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Your New Friends--(Wai Kit.)